blue trip no: 3 / Bodrum – Marmaris – Bodrum 

1 Week Blue Cruise / Itinerary

Day 1 – Bodrum

From the moment you step on the yacht, a "Welcome Cocktail" will be held in order to meet the yacht captain and staff and learn about the blue voyage. Then dinner and overnights are in Bodrum Harbor.

Bodrum, which is an ideal starting point for trips along turkey's Aegean coast, is also among the best sea cruise areas in Europe. It makes its guests feel great with its crystal clear waters, abundant sun and azure sky. Thanks to the suitable mooring areas, the warm people of Bodrum, which is among the indispensables of blue voyages, will add joy to your joy. The fact that the natural texture of the settlements and villages on bodrum is intact allows to enjoy nature.

Bodrum, one of the important port cities of our country, was named "Karya – Halicarnasia" in ancient times. It is also famous for its Mausoleum of Mausolus, "One of the Seven Wonders of the World". Bodrum Castle, built by the Crusaders in the 15th century, is one of the most spectacular places. It hosts many cultural festivals every year. The Museum of Underwater Archaeology within the castle is one of the other areas to see.

Day 2 – Palamutbükü, İnce Burun

Acornbuku, which is known for having the best of the beaches on the Datca peninsula, is extremely impressive with its natural beauties that will make you feel younger. Located at the tip of the Datca peninsula, Acornbuku is a symbol of peace and happiness. It is obvious at first glance that the waters are quite clean. You will feel more valuable than ever in Acornbuku, which is warm and friendly to people. A paradise in itself with its immense natural beauty.

For dinner and overnight, head to The Thin Nose.

Day 3 – Aktur Bay, Bencik Bay

Aktur Bay, which is seized by pine trees, has a very rich structure in oxygen." Aktur, which has been awarded the title of "Turkey's Most Beautiful Bay", is a hot tourist center. It consists of two sections called Datca and Kurucabuk.

When you enter Bencik Bay, which has a very narrow entrance, you will encounter a beautiful view that you have never encountered before. Located at a point separating Hisaronu and Gokova Bay, Bencik will be waiting for you with its natural beauties.

Dinner and overnight are at Bencik Bay.

Day 4 – Emel Bay Bay, Orhaniye Bay, Selimiye Bay

After the breakfast, it will be anchored towards Emel Bay. You can enjoy swimming in the bay at its peak.

The smell of pine trees on Emel Bay Bay, which is a bay worthy of the beauty of Emel Bay, which is one of the unique names of Turkish music, will affect you in every sense. It can be stated that it is a beautiful holiday destination with its clear sea, charming scenery and welcoming people.

Lunch is at Orhaniye Bay. With its deep azure sea and Kiskumu beach, it is a point that almost every person hears. It has become a popular destination for sea lovers with its beauty as well as its cleanliness. Orhaniye, which stands out with its sea with a depth that can be easily entered by boats of all sizes, is a convenient stop for a unique experience.

The last stop during the day is Selimiye Bay for dinner and overnight.

Selimiye Bay, located in the Marmaris section of Mugla, is one of the pearls of the bay. Selimiye, formerly known as "Hydas", is famous for its sunscape hiding behind mountains at sunset. The ancient remains found on it suggest that the history of the region goes back a long way. It offers a unique view with its feature as one of the highest hills in its region. The discovery of hellenistic ruins in the southeastern hills of the bay causes frequent visits by foreign tourists. The viewing tower, lighthouse, monastery and theatre sections are among the highlights.

The sunken debris work carried out by American scientists and underwater archaeologists in the area led to the discovery of important remains. The remains found are currently on display at the Bodrum Underwater Museum. The indispensable stops of boats and yachts Selimiye – Hisaronu – Located among the trio of Orhaniye, Selimiye will make you feel warm with the smell of fresh thyme and friendly people. It is possible to find plenty of fish, vegetables, fruits, almonds, olive trees and many more on the bay. Its immaculate air will rejuvenate your body and remove the peaceful environment from all your stress.

Day 5 – Dirsekbükü, Bozburun

Elbow Bend, which is a nice resting point for travel from Bodrum to Marmaris, is located in the Aegean Sea. It is a real travel destination due to its large number of sheltered bays. A point where you will experience the pleasure of sea cruises at their peak.

Bozburun, which has managed to stand out in terms of sponge works and gulet yacht construction sector, is one of the fields of study of many companies because it includes the best timber and craftsmen. Due to its advanced point in terms of yacht industry, it is visited by thousands of tourists from many regions of the world.

Day 6 – Bozukkale (Loryma), Serçe Koyu

The Bozkale, which dates back to the 10th century BC, is known for its rectangular patterned castle walls. The castle walls have 9 towers and one side of the castle is missing.

Bozkale, which served as a sightseeing area for British navy ships during its period, is now used as a coastal shipyard. Located at an important strategic point where you can monitor all yachts in the Aegean, Bozkale was used as an attack site in places such as the Battle of Knidos.

During the blue journey phase, the next stop is Sparrow Bay and has a sheltered structure. The historical remains found in the bay are currently on display at the Bodrum Underwater Museum.

Dinner and overnights are at Sparrow Harbor.

Day 7 – Arap Adası, Kadırga Koyu, Marmaris

After breakfast, a swimming break is offered on the Arabian Island. Lunch is like, "I'm going to have to It is presented in Galley Bay. It is a place where almost every boat departing from Marmaris takes a swimming break.

For dinner and overnight, head to Marmaris.

Day 8 – Marmaris

After breakfast, our tour ends at 10.30am.